About horse

Horse – the symbol of strength and freedom.

Horse – the symbol of speed, endurance, optimism and trustworthy friend.

Horse is like a bridge between different realities and opportunities.

Nowadays cross-border cooperation has become a bridge that promotes regional development and strengthens neighborly relations. Euroregion “Country of Lakes” very well exemplifies that cooperation is important for the development and implementation of projects exchanging experience in the economic development, social, cultural, education and tourism matters, as well as for motivating inhabitants and entrepreneurs.

Euroregion “Country of Lakes”, beginning with its foundation in 1998, accepted the challenge of strengthening cooperation between the municipalities of the border regions of three neighboring countries – Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus. This has promoted the solidification of the values of the European Union and it has served as a framework for the cooperation between municipalities in the field of economic and social development, improvement of border region infrastructure, as well as the establishment of close contacts.