3rd Step

Abbreviation of project’s title3rd Step
Full title of the projectThird STEP for the strategy of Euroregion “Country of lakes” – planning future together for sustainable social and economic development of Latvian-Lithuanian-Belarussian border territories/3rd STEP
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Overall objectiveTo contribute to the better-integrated, coordinated and harmonized social and economic development and strengthen the joint strategic development and planning in the Latvian, Lithuania and Belarusian border regions within the territory of Euroregion “Country of lakes”.
Specific objectives1. To ensure sound CBC project administrative and financial management, efficient project monitoring, evaluation, visibility and successful achievement and sustainability of the project results in time on the basis of effective communication among all project partners and relevant stakeholders within the project territory of 27 municipalities (12LV, 8LT, 7BY).2. To enhance joint strategic planning for sustainable development of the Euroregion “Country of lakes” 2014 – 2020.

3. To strengthen the administrative capacity for the cross border cooperation structure of Euroregion “Country of lakes” increasing volume and quality of joint and coordinated activities.

The following activities will be implemented during the project in balanced way in all partner territories in LV, LT and BY:

Group of Activities I

1. Sound project management, coordination,reporting and communication between 3 project partners in integral way in LV, LT, BY during 18 months.

2. Six WG meetings (PM, PMA, 2 project co-ordinators in LT and BY, assistant of co-ordinator in BY and 3 LV, LT and BY bookkeepers) in Kraslava,LV, Ignalina, LT and Glubokoje,BY .

3. Three SC meetings (27 chair-persons of the members of Euroregion “Country of lakes”) in Moletai, LT, Braslav, BY and Riebini, LV. Representatives of embassies, Programme’s JTS, mass media will be invited to participate.

4. Ensuring action’s visibility: 4.1.min. 70 publications in LV, LT, BY (sent and published for free); 4.2. Updated web site of Euroregion “Country of lakes”in LV, LT, ENG, RUS. On-line public disccussion on the Euroregions Strategy, Contact search. Registered users’ part: Strategy preparation working documents inc.comments, Programmes of events, meetings, conferences, Automatic sending news.) 4.3. Promotional materials with Programmes logo purchased. JMA and JTS will be informed on the major public events.

Group of Activities II

1. Preparation of Strategy 2014-2020 for Euroregion “Country of lakes” . The preparation of the strategy will be sourced externally using public procurement. Project cross-border staff will prepare the terms of reference: Basic data collection for Strategy; Draft and final strategy versions; Extensive involvement of stakeholders including 3 thematic working groups meetings 3 times in the process of strategy formulation. On-line public discussion on the Strategy by Euroregion’s web site. Min. 135 comments received/ integrated into the document.

2. Opening Conference (60 partic.: 1-2 repr. from 27munic., 5 Directorate staff, embassies, consulates, JTS, mass media) in Visaginas, LT. Project plan presented. 3 speakers providing different experiences of the preparation/implementation of CBC strategies, best-practices etc.. Evaluation questionnaires summarised.

3. On-line public discussion before the finalization of strategy (on Euroregion’s, members and involved stakeholders web sites), espec.by 27 project developers of Euroregion’s members. Min. 135 comments received/ integrated into the document. Min.1000 e-visitors calculated per year.

4. 3 CBC mega – events aimed at public involvement in key strategic sectors:

4.1. 2-days Investment forum/Fair (200partic.:88LV,60LT,52BY businesses) in Glubokoje, BY. Round table for 20 businesses to discuss the actual business development and CBC problems, ideas for strategy managed by 2 moderators, incl. press conf. Representatives from consulates, regional&local authorities and JTS. Regional products presented at the Fair. Conclusions of discussions integrated in Strategy. During the forum and the fair it will be ensured that participation of businesses in the event will not distort competition.

4.2. International Song Festival (540partic.:27 choirs,20 adults each) in Rezekne, LV. Mega event will contribute to improving cross-cultural dialogue, involving different nationalities,minorities, strengthening international tolerance, integration across the border, reducing of xenophobia. Visitors and participants satisfaction research.

4.3. Environment Forum in Svencionys, LT (100partic.: environment protection organizations, NGOs, universities, municipalities, local “green” initiative groups), consisting of 2 parts: theoretical and “green” dialogue between participants. Actual environmental problems and unique solutions presented, discussed and integrated into the Strategy. Participants satisfaction survey.

5. GALA conference in Polock, BY (200partic., actively involved into the preparation of strategy – in.average 7 persons from each of 27 member territory), presenting results of the action (Strategy, incl.work plan of Directorate, “view from side”, other CBC experience by speakers, impressions from internships, improved BY and LV offices by photos and videos, videos from OPENDAYS, mega events, possibilities of financing possibilities of activities). Participants satisfactory research.

Group of Activities III

1. Establishing and equipping (144,4 m2) BY office of Directorate of Euroregion “Country of lakes”. Basing on the 28.09.2001 Decision of International Council of Euroregion “Country of lakes” Directorate should consist of 3 registered national offices in LV,LT and BY. Work of BY office is not registered yet and just volunteers have worked in Braslav and Glubokoje. National agreement has been signed in BY on 22.03.2010 between 7 BY authorities on official establishment of BY office in Glubokoje. It will be located at the address 2 Moskovskaya Str., Glubokoje. The premises are owned by the Glubokoe district executive committee; it has made a decision to give the renovated premises into long-term use to the BY Euroregion Office. The BY Euroregion Office will be established as a separate legal entity with a legal status of association of authorities, or NGO, or fund, during the action’s implementation period. During and after the action’s finalization its operation will be financed by the membership fees of the members (authorities, public institutions, etc). Working, social, health environment and quality of action’s and CBC work coordination & communication will be improved, 3 staff will work in BY office (head, assistant, bookkeeper).

2. Equipment and furniture of Applicant is mostly rented or worn out, new equipment and furniture is planned to purchase. Working quality of CBC coordination will be improved in LV,national or PRAG procurement rules will be used.

3. Participation at OPENDAYS 2013 in Brussels, BE. 3days for 5staff of Directorate, 2 participants from LV regions, 2 from BY regions, 1 from LT regions. Presentation of the Euroregion and Strategy 2014-2020. Getting new knowledge, information of best-practices and CBC experiences. This activity will contribute to LV-LT-BY Programme territory.

4. 4-days international internships to 2partners’ countries (LVtoLT,BY; LTtoLV,BY; BYtoLV,LT) for 27 development stakeholders: NGOs, businesses and business support institutions, educational institutions, local initiative groups. Internships will contribute to increasing:1) participants knowledge on approaches applied in daily work in other municipalities; 2)the preparation intensity of new bilateral and trilateral cooperation initiatives; 3) volume and quality of joint and coordinated activities. The internships will contribute to the strategy preparation and foster the implementation phase and well as contribute to the Visibility of action. Draft programme of the internship: introducing with the field (environment, culture, education, social sphere, youth NGO’s, co-operation between communities etc.) work, following the working style, visiting relevant objects/organizations/events/people, office work for the discussing on common interests/problems/similarities etc. Preparing the conclusions, publishing into the web site of Euroregion ” Country of lakes”.

Budget299880,60 EUR (incl. EU contribution – 269892,54EUR)
ResourcesConclusions on internships of Euroregion “Country of lakes”