Educate for Business

Abbreviation of project’s titleEducate for Business
Full title of the projectDevelopment of co-operation platform for Latvian and Lithuanian vocational schools and entrepreneurs
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Short summary of the project Basing on the recent modifications of labour market trends, especially after accession to EU, and changes in the systems and management of vocational educational institutions demanding more specific specializations, improvement of training programmes ensuring competitive graduates in tense economic conditions, The Council of the Euroregion „Country of lakes” decided to develop a project for establishment of cooperation platform between LV&LT vocational educational institutions and businesses contributing to socio-economical development in the territory of Euroregion and to authorize LV office of Euroregion to prepare project proposal needing intervention on cross – border level. Project target territory; Latgale region, LV; Utena region, LT.
Overall objectiveTo increase new generation labour force competitiveness and productivity in Latvian-Lithuanian border regions contributing to sustainable and cohesive socio-economic development of the Euroregion „Country of lakes” and neighbouring territories: increase employment between graduated from vocational schools, develop new entrepreneurships, to ensure high qualified and internationally competitive labour force – specialists.
Specific objectiveSubobjectives are to increase vocational education quality in accordance with labour market needs by improving educational infrastructure and development of the relevant study programmes in 5 Latvian and 2 Lithuanian vocational educational institutions and increase cooperation between vocational schools in LT and LV what will be tackled within the WP3 by improving vocational schools` infrastructure, equipment and available study materials.
Problems related to the project activities are:
1) lack of possibilities for the students to practice in the real enterprises;
2) lack of capacity and motivation of students to start up their own businesses;
3) there is insufficient information exchange and interaction between regional vocational educational institutions and enterprises within the spheres related;
4) students` qualification does not comply with the qualification for the enterprises working in the spheres represented by students.
BudgetERDF co-financing: 667 120,46 EUR
National financing: 117 727,14 EUR
Eligible project budget: 784 847,60 EUR
Non-eligible project budget: 0,00 EUR
Total project budget: 784 847,60 EUR
PartnersUtena district municipality administration
Alanta school of technology and business
Middle Latgale vocational secondary school
AustrumLatgale vocational secondary school
Kraslava local municipality