Abbreviation of project’s titleESTLATRUS TRAFFIC
Full title of the projectIncreasing traffic system’s capability within EE-LV-RU international importance transport corridors.
Supported by (programme)Est-Lat-Rus-LOGO
Short summary of the project Cross-border regions of Estonia, Latvia and Russia are main areas of economic development. Regarding this role of border regions, it becomes evident to ensure development which reflects economic questions, regional, national and European demands as well as the quality of life. Regarding this many problems loading traffic system of Estonia, Latvia and Russia to be solved:

  • international transport corridors with increased traffic intensity as a threat for young traffic participants and as a reason for deterioration of public streets;
  • common traffic safety problems on the border (tired drivers, differences in traffic rules, traffic accidents, lack of car parking places, bad quality road information infrastructure, lack of operational information on criminal border crossings, aggressive road users);
  • insufficient traffic safety awareness and performance;
  • border roads have low priority for national funds supporting the road reconstruction mainly in the cities with higher traffic intensity.
Overall objectiveTo increase the transport system’s sustainability, capability, accessibility and competitiveness of the Estonian-Latvian-Russian border region as the sphere of national interests through exchange and capacity building in visible traffic safety solutions and development of transport and road information infrastructure.
Specific objective
  • To mobilize more cross-border resources for traffic safety, to improve and implement innovative cross-border traffic safety performance measures, at the same time increasing the public awareness on the traffic safety issues and establishing international cooperation network on traffic safety issues at the cross roads between the European Union and Russian Federation
  • To contribute to sustainable transport and public space development by innovative streetscape design solutions and improvements in the transport and road information infrastructure in 12 Estonian, Latvian and Russian settlements located on the strategic transport corridors of international importance
BeneficiaryLatvian office of Euroregion “Country of lakes” (Latvia)
PartnersKarsava local municipality (novads) (Latvia)
Kraslava local municipality (novads) (Latvia)
Rezekne City Council (Latvia)
Preili local municipality (novads) (Latvia)
Ludza local municipality (novads) )Latvia)
Vilani local municipality (novads) (Latvia)
Pskov regional public organization “Lake Peipsi Project (Pskov)” (Russia)
The Administration of the Pskov district (Russia)
The Administration of the Krasnogorodsky district (Russia)
The Administration of the Pytalovo district (Russia)
The administration of Pechory district (Russia)
Võru Town Government (Estonia)
Tartu City Government (Estonia)
Expected results
  • Transport and road infrastructure improved in 12 Estonian, Latvian and Russian settlements located on the strategic transport corridors of international importance:roads and pedestrian roads reconstructed; traffic signs, info stands and welcoming signs installed; recreation areas, parking places, bus stops arranged; marking streets, barriers and crossings including lightening organized;
  • 3-days International Forum “Safe Wheel” for 72 bicycle riders:presenting regions, competitions in different “countries”, presentation of new traffic safety methods.
  • Installment of 6 traffic education parks in in Karsava, Rezekne, Pskov, Krasnogordosk, Pitalovoand Vory. 6567m2 territory reconstructed, 5 training equipment sets, 16 training materials sets, 1 testing equipment set, 140 FEST-children’s safety sets, training methodology;
  • Four international campaigns:
    • “Sleep and drive!” (4 weeks)flyers distributed to 2500 drivers crossing border on both sides of borders (6stands for border crossing points purchased).
    • “Know the traffic regulations abroad”(4weeks), consulates and border guards, spreading 5000 flyers to drivers and travelers.
    • “Father,mother and me – protected family”(1week), min.12000 children will be involved, 12000reflectors disseminated to school children.
    • “Love life” (2 days) for 120 new drivers, new traffic safety methods presented.
  • 3 cross-border study (3-days) visits introducing with equipment, testing new drivers system, training to safe driving in extreme situations. Test common borderpatrolling for police. Cross-border network established for min.15 traffic safetypolicemen;
  • Study tour to European traffic safety laboratory, Germany (10persons, 5 days);
  • 2-days Traffic safety Forum-project Conclusion event for 50 participants;
Final beneficiaries205 142 inhabitants
66769 travellers/per day of 12 Estonian, Latvian and Russian border settlements
10 000 drivers crossing LV-EE-RU borders
120 new drivers (up to 2 years experience)
24 traffic planners
Min.15 policemen
Duration24 months
BudgetTotal budget: 1 876 570,00EUR
Programme co-financing: 1 688 913,00 EUR (90%)
Project co-financing: 187657,00 EUR (10%)
MaterialsFinal press release
Contact PersonMs. Ilze Stabulniece
+371 29472638