Neighbours’ road

Project’s titleNeighbours’ road
Full title of the projectImprovement of Latvian-Belarusian cross border accessibility and connectivity through simplified border crossing point Kaplava-Plusi
Supported by (programme)ENPI_logo
Overall objectiveThe overall objective is to contribute to advanced accessibility and connectivity of Latvian-Belarussian border areas.
Specific objectiveSpecific objective is to improve neighbours’ road on both sides of the Latvian and Belarussian border leading to the simplified border crossing point Kaplava-Plusi, equipment of border crossing point Kaplava-Plusi and to raise knowledge of local inhabitants on procedure for crossing border applying simplified procedure.
As the new agreement on simplified border crossings (SBC) for LV and BY inhabitants in 50km zone was ratified by LV&BY governments in 2010, the prognosis on increasing LV-BY simplified cross-border travels will increase immensely: 9 times for BY people going to LV, 16 times for LV people going to BY. Transport infrastructure is not ready for such increase of transport flow and information on new border crossing possibilities is not well-known.
Partnership/i>Kraslava municipality (LV)
Braslav district executive committee (BY)
State Border Guard in Daugavpils (LV)
Belarussian Border Committee (BY)
Vitebsk oblast Committee of Economics (BY)
Implementation timeAugust 1, 2013-December 30, 2014
Final beneficiariesFinal beneficiaries are the local inhabitants of Latvian-Belarussian border territory in accordance with the territory defined in the Agreement ratified by Latvian and Belarussian governments in 2010 on the travel simplification between inhabitants of 11 border municipalities (8LV, 3BY):
Latvia Republic – Daugavpils, Aglona, Graveri, Kastulina, Skeltova; Dagda, Andrupene, Andzeli, Asune,Berzini, Dagda,Ezernieki, Konstantinova, Kepova, Svarini, Skaune; Ambeli, Bikernieki, Demene,Kalkune,Laucesa, Liksna, Malinova,Medumi, Naujene,Saliena, Skrudaliena, Svente,Tabore, Vecsaliena, Viski; Sedere; Kraslava, Auleja, Indra,Izvalta, Kalniesi, Kaplava, Kombuli, Kraslava, Piedruja, Robeznieki, Skaista, Udrisi; Brigi, Istra, Nirza, Pilda, Rundeni;Kaunata; Zilupe,Lauderi, Pasiene, Zaļesje;
Belarus Republic – Bigosovo, Capajeva, Sarja, Osveja, Kohanovici, Belkovscina, Verhnedvinsk; Povjatje, Perebrodje, Dolginovo,Miori, Novij Pogost, Turkovo, Мiori; Druja, Plusi, Slobodka, Opsa, Dalokij, Ahremovci,Mezani, Teterki, Vidzi,Braslav, Vidzi.
  1. Sound project management;SC meetings; Action visibility; Action verification (audit);
  2. Border seminars; Establishement of 79 info points of simplified border crossings;International informative campaign “Open borders”; Public survey on the border crossing conditions&accessibility;
  3. Reconstruction of the road leading to the border in LV, BY; Reconstruction of the parking place in BY; Equipping the border crossing point Kaplava-Plusi in LV, BY.
  1. Reconstructed 2 stages of neighbours’ road, leading to the Latvian-Belarussian border: 1,65 km on LV side and 1,5km on BY side, and a parking place (600m2) for 8-10 cars near the simplified border crossing point Kaplava-Plusi on BY side.
  2. Publicity on new conditions for simplified Latvian-Belarussian border crossings for local inhabitants of the Latvian-Belarussian border regions ensured by min.20 publications, min. 6 radio/ TV broadcasts, 2 Border seminars for staff of border municipalities (60 attendants each).
  3. Established 79 info points on simplified LV – BY border crossings (54 in LV, 25 in BY) in local municipalities and their territorial units. Published and disseminated 2000 info sheets on simplified Latvian – Belarussian border crossings. Info sheets prepared electronically; inserted into 11 web sites of border municipalities (8 LV, 3 BY). 11 web sites improved by section on simplified Latvian – Belarussian border crossings, incl. question-answers in Latvian and in Russian in Latvia, in Russian in Belarus.
  4. Purchased 2 technical equipment sets for simplified border crossing control and everyday work in Kaplava- Plusi SBC point both on LV and BY side (e.g.document readers, devices for the detailed expertise of documents with special protection, devices for operation control of documents etc.).
Budget511 755,34 EUR


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